For only $40

The Brush That
Makes It Easier

Detangle your hair with minimum force.

the lowest amount of force
in detangling hair compared
to leading brushes.

6 times lower than the average force exerted by leading brushes.


Anisotropic Lowest Energy Aligner

ALEA’s unique configuration and bristle combination is designed to effectively detangle your hair with the minimum force required


the perfect

The bristles are positioned to gradually engage different volumes of hair. With the widely spread bristles engaging the hair first, many problems of tangling are eliminated.

the perfect

The bristle stiffness, length and even tips found on ALEA have been carefully chosen with the exact properties required to effectively unravel tangles while ultimately staying gentle to your hair.

robust quality

The bristles are built with a robust quality to ensure we deliver you a brush that is truly sustainable.

Minimum difficulty. Maximum results

Minimum Force

Alea uses the lowest amount of force in detangling hair as compared to leading detangling brushes in the market today.

Reduced Damage

ALEA’s low force configuration and bristle combination greatly reduces the amount of damage that is normally inflicted on hair when using higher force brushes. This results in brushing that keeps hair healthier and stronger overtime.

Reduced Frizz

ALEA’s low force configuration and bristle combination decreases the amount of friction and static normally caused by brushing. This allows ALEA to deliver the benefits of brushing without creating excess frizz.