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What causes scalp problems?

Besides environmental factors such as UV from sun light, high temperature, and chlorine in swimming pools, your hair problems may be resulted from scalp problems as well. 

Typical scalp problems include oily scalp (greasy hair), sensitive scalp and dandruff. 

It is not as simple as you think!

With such a hot and humid weather in Singapore, you sweat a lot, don’t you? As a result, oily scalp is one of the most common scalp problems in Singapore. Oily scalp may cause clogging in the hair follicles, and result in a series of hair problems such as hair fall and dandruff. 

Oily scalp problem may not be simply solved as most people would think. You might think that you should use cleansing shampoos with strong chemicals to clean your oil scalp and you may feel a cleaner scalp after shower or even the day after shower.

However, the truth of the matter is that you may suffer from a damaged and sensitive scalp. You might find that oily scalp problem may become even worse after some time!

About your scalp

Your scalp naturally secretes some natural oils to protect the skin. Removing excessive natural oils from the scalp, for a “clean” sensation, your scalp will start making more oils in order to protect the skins. This is one of the big mistakes that most people with oily scalp make. So, next time when you take a shower, don’t scrub your scalp or apply shampoo multiple times to get rid of the oils. You’re only making things worse.

Another reason that you should think twice before using those cleansing shampoos is that those shampoos may contain harsh chemicals and have a high pH. Good shampoos should possess a pH between 6-7. pH is a measurement of the amount of alkaline in shampoos. Shampoos with a high pH contain too much alkaline, just like soaps. Although alkaline is able to remove the oil on your scalp, it can also damage your scalp. Damaged scalp will lead to various hair problems including hair fall and dandruff. Moreover, damaged scalp can be sensitive to even mild shampoos. Therefore, you should never use a shampoo with harsh chemicals and high pH. Instead, use a good shampoo with mild and natural ingredients such as a Kyra shampoo.

Sensitive scalp

Many people can gradually become sensitive to even mild chemicals when their scalp gets damaged. One typical example is the infamous sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS).

SLS is known to cause irritation to most people. But what you don’t know is that many people may “develop” the sensitivity to SLS over the time. This is because of the damage that harsh chemicals including SLS have done to the scalp. Once your scalp is damaged, even mild chemicals in shampoos can cause irritation. Therefore, you should avoid all harsh chemicals and only use mild and natural ingredients in your shampoo and conditioner.


Dandruff can be caused by overgrowth of skin cells and bacterias. It affects nearly half of the adults.

Besides washing regularly with shampoos, choosing the right shampoo with antibacterial ingredients is another way of reducing dandruff. However, it’s also important to keep the scalp healthy. Don’t use shampoos with harsh chemicals to clean your scalp. It only damages your scalp and worsen the problem. By using Kyra, we provide mild and natural ingredients in your shampoos and conditioners. Moreover, we use Ayurvedic herb extractions to gently improve your scalp’s health condition.


Ayurveda is a system of medicine with historical roots in the Indian subcontinent. Globalized and modernized practices derived from Ayurveda traditions are a type of complementary or alternative medicine. In countries beyond India, Ayurveda therapies and practices have been integrated in general wellness applications and in some cases in medical use.


When added in shampoos and conditioners, the ayurvedic herb extracts can continuously act on the scalp and hair. Ashwagandha, one of the ayurvedic herbs in Kyra shampoos and conditions, can reduce premature greying of your hair by stimulating the hair follicles and maintaining health of the hair. Gotu kola and Mountain ginger, which have anti-inflammatory, are also added into the Kyra shampoos and conditioners. Gotu kola even helps to improve blood circulation in the scalp and to reduce hair fall. Besides that, Bhringraj and Hibiscus rosa-sinensis in Kyra shampoos and conditioners are also the ingredients that can prevent hair fall and promote hair growth.

Furthermore, Amla is added in Kyra shampoos and conditioners to bring silky, glorious and lustrous look to your hair. At the same time, Bhringraj, together with Gotu kola, Mountain ginger, Amla and Thulasi, serve as the anti-dandruff ingredients to naturally and gently reduce your dandruff. Neem is yet another important ayurvedic ingredient in our Kyra shampoos and conditioners which relieves dry itchy scalp and removes clogging of the scalp hair follicles.

Take care of your scalp and use our ayurveda powered mild and natural Kyra shampoos and conditioners. You can enjoy a clean, non-sensitive, dandruff-free and healthy scalp too!

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