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The Shampoo and Conditioner that is formulated precisely for your hair.

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We love people as much as we love hair

Your hair is unique, just like you. That's why our entire process revolves around getting to know you and your
hair best.

To come up with the product that best matches you and your hair's unique needs and preferences.

How it Works

Having great hair has been this easy!

1. KYRA Appointment

Register with a KYRA account to complete your KYRA hair questionnaire and schedule your hair sample collection.

2. Analysis

Your KYRA shampoo and conditioner will be formulated based your hair's specific needs and your hair questionnaire.

3. Your Solution

Receive your Kyra haircare package and wave goodbye to your hair problems!

Maximum Results

3 premium packages. Personalised just for you.

KYRA Hair Package

Personal Hair Analysis
400ml KYRA Shampoo
400ml KYRA Conditioner
Hair Analysis Report

$150 - Free Delivery

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Personal Hair Analysis
400ml KYRA Shampoo
400ml KYRA Conditioner
Hair Analysis Report
ALEA Detangling Hair Brush

$180 - Free Delivery

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Re-Order KYRA

400mL Shampoo
400mL Conditioner

$72 - Free Delivery

We go the extra mile

Paraben Free

Harsh chemicals can damage your scalp and hair. We use only mild ingredients to keep your scalp and hair healthy and clean.

Naturally Derived

Synthetic components may contain certain impurities that can cause irritation thats why our shampoo and conditioner use naturally derived ingredients.

SLS Free

Safety is our top priority, we use only food grade preservatives to make sure our shampoo and
conditioner are safe.

KYRA Hair Report

A detailed analysis report includes detailed information about your hair characteristics and how your formulation benefits your hair.

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Real People. Real Results.

" Thank you to KYRA Beauty for creating a conditioner I can actually use. Finally tangle free hair which is not weighed down! I also enjoy my shampoo very much. My hair used to frizz up so bad on wash days.

But now, honestly my frizz is pretty much tamed.
I have been using my set for about a month and so far I have
not had a dermatitis breakout since, I'm really pleased. "


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" I normally use salon products and have concerns about my hair. KYRA products are better than what I have used before to fix the dryness problem that I have. I no longer need to use other aftercare products and it also helped define my curls even more! "


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" Kyra solved my hair problems! I used to have a lot of hair fall. It has been reduced significantly. My hair has more volume and is bouncy, exactly what I wanted. "


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Yvette Leow's
KYRA Experience

Food, Travel, Lifestyle and Beauty Blogger

Honestly, when I first heard that a Kyra Beauty consultant would need to collect a small hair sample from me (about 20 strands) to do the hair analysis, I was imagining wildly in my mind that the hair strands would be yanked from its roots. However, the process was a breeze (it took less than 3 mins) and does not require any pulling of hair at all......
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