Our Story

Years ago, we invented ground-breaking technology that could infuse compounds into hair.

The first time we tried it on someone to straighten her hair, we were amazed to see the reaction of the woman. We loved how she was constantly touching her hair and how happy she looked.

We then realized how important hair was to people and great hair could make someone feel good and increase their confidence.

We went around the world testing the technology. Working on women’s hair in places as diverse as Cambodia to New York.

We Saw a Need

Speaking to a wide range of people, we realized that while many people knew what they wanted their hair to look and feel like, many didn’t know how to get it to feel the way they wanted. They were constantly experimenting with products and even then, the hair solutions provided were compromised.

They were constantly experimenting with products and even then, the hair solutions provided were compromised.

It was fairly obvious that the reason the solutions were compromised is that hair care products were largely made to target single characteristics like dry hair, oily hair etc only.

Most people had a combination of these characteristics. And if one problem was solved, other problems would arise due to the general formulation of the solutions.

Building The Dream Team

We decided to address this need. We put together a group of people including medical doctors, engineers, chemists, hair scientists and software developers to work on this.

Most of them were PhDs from the leading universities in the world including MIT, NUS, NTU etc. We even had the former head of research at a leading hair care research institute in Princeton be a part of our team.

Our solution was to create products that were personalized for individuals. We developed scientific methods for hair characterization, experimented with the customization methodology, ingredients that we utilized and the concentration of the ingredients.

We knew what was most important is how the hair felt.

Test, test, test

We conducted countless experiments, starting with hair swatches and getting people to feel the hair swatches and tell us which they preferred. We compared different formulations on different hair types and compared them against a range of commercial products.

We spent two years working on these experiments and finally arrived at a methodology that we could utilize to personalize shampoos and conditioners for individuals. We then began testing on people. Another set of countless experiments.

Testing in New York.

Hair Changing. Life Changing.

What we have today as a result of all of these is, KYRA. The personalized shampoo and conditioner solution that is made based on each individual’s hair characteristics and precisely just for their hair.

It brings us immense joy when our customers tell us that KYRA is the best shampoo and conditioner that they have ever used and their hair problems are solved after using KYRA.