Success Stories

Hear from the KYRA family about their results with their personalized KYRA products.

Reduced Hairfall

It's great! At first, I didn't expect the product to work so well for my hairfall problem, but it was really able to reduce it. As a bonus, its gotten rid of my dandruff as well and my hair and scalp have never felt better or smoother.


Dry Hair

I normally use salon products and have concerns about my hair. KYRA products are better than what I have used before to fix the dryness problem that I have. I no longer need to use other aftercare products and it also helped define my curls even more!


Hair Fall & Hair Volume

KYRA solved my hair problems! I used to have a lot of hair fall. It has been reduced significantly. My hair has more volume and is bouncy, exactly what I wanted.


Thinning Hair

As I'm growing older, my hair is thinning and I was losing volume. Hair fall was also a problem. I've tried different products, but none of them solved the problems as well as KYRA has. Now, my hair finally feels luscious again.


Frizzy Hair & Dermatitis

First and foremost thank you to KYRA for creating a conditioner I can actually use. Finally tangle free hair which is not weighed down! I also enjoy my shampoo very much. My hair used to frizz up so bad on wash days. But now, honestly my frizz is pretty much tamed. Ive been using my set for abt a mth and so far I have not had a dermatitis breakout since. I'm really pleased.


Hair Fall and Dandruff

After using the shampoo and conditioner for a week, I find that my hair fall was lesser than before. I also do not have to clear up a whole bunch of hair from the bathroom drain every day which can be rather depressing. My scalp also felt cleaner and less oily. However, I still see some dandruff on my hair and will continue to monitor if my condition  improves over time.


Smelly Scalp

The smell from my scalp is reducing and I do realized that this shampoo + conditioner really makes my hair a natural frizzy free too! With just 1 week, the results is just amazing, honestly!


Frizzy Hair & Hair Volume

I've tried the conditioner. Really liked it, I used it once and my hair was instantly smoother. I can see the difference my hair frizz. More tamed hair.