Why choose KYRA?

Simply put, you will feel the difference with KYRA products as compared to anything else you have been using.

Why? We spent years developing the KYRA customization methodology. During this time, we experimented with all types of hair, with a wide range of ingredients and compared different formulations against numerous commercially available products. What we realized is that concentrations of the ingredients are just as or more important than the ingredients themselves. That’s the reason we make every shampoo and conditioner individually. Each formulation is optimized based on your hair parameters and what you are looking for.

Based on all of our experiments, we have chosen the best natural ingredients to be included in your products. Of special mention is our unique concoction of Ayurvedic herbs that have been clinically proven to achieve various functions to improve your hair and scalp health.

We founded KYRA to create the perfect hair care products for you. We will ensure you love what we provide you.