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A Product Perfect For You

Choosing the most appropriate and effective shampoo and conditioner can be a daunting task. There are just so many options, and you may simply be unfamiliar with some of the features you actually need. Recommendations for shampoos and conditioners are largely anecdotal and subjective - based on someone else’s experience with someone else’s hair. “You know, what works for me is…” “I know someone with hair a bit like yours…”

It is difficult to understand hair problems and recommend the best products in such a fashion, particularly when based on the experiences of people whose hair nature and issues do not completely match your own. Furthermore, no one has realistically sampled all available shampoos and conditioners to be able to recommend the best product for your hair type and the issues you face. At Kyra, we aim to tackle this problem. Our goal is to provide you with the product that is perfect for you.

What is Kyra

Our approach is scientific rather than subjective. We employ sophisticated instrumentation to characterize your hair and a robust methodology to analyze your results and get to the root of your needs. We also don't simply recommend an off-the-shelf product. Instead we formulate our products in-house, specifically designed for you.

For the price of just $120, our team will characterize your hair and analyze your results, conduct a one-on-one video consultation, formulate a shampoo and conditioner designed to meet your needs, and send your first set of hair care products to your doorstep. Once your formulation is in our database, you will be able to reorder your shampoo and conditioner ($50 for the set or $25 each), with the further option to make adjustments.

In formulating your product, we aim to use components that are both the best for you as well as the environment. Our products utilize sulfate-free and paraben-free components that are as naturally derived as possible (and therefore biodegradable) while still being effective. Where we can, we will include cutting-edge materials such as nanoparticles. And your shampoo and conditioner will be delivered in a bottle made from a coconut and sealed with organic waxes, a unique packaging that we are in the final stages of developing.

As we continue to grow Kyra, we look forward to including historically proven techniques such as aromatherapy, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), and Ayurvedic methods to our toolkit for addressing your needs. We will also be expanding our prescribed product-line beyond shampoos and conditioners. The future certainly looks bright, and we welcome you to join us!

The Science

Hair care products have traditionally been developed for various categories of people. For example, a shampoo for people with dry hair, or perhaps one for people with curly, fine hair and maybe a bit of dandruff. However, every person’s hair is unique and has individual needs – contributing to the current status of uncountable categories of need-based products. Finding the perfect solution can be exceedingly difficult. Because of this, we are beginning to see offerings of more personalized hair care products.

With currently available personalized options, an individual can select what they are looking for. This is similar to ordering a pizza and asking for pepperoni and mushrooms. Our approach is much more clinical. While choosing the toppings on your pizza seems completely appropriate, it is quite unreasonable to visit a physician and expect to tell them what prescription to give you. A doctor will ask you how you feel, inquire about your lifestyle and environment, and she or he may take a blood sample, measure your weight, perform a PET scan or take an X-ray. Based on your results and her or his expertise, the doctor will prescribe a therapy designed specifically for you. You can still have choices – maybe you prefer an ointment or syrup to a pill, perhaps you can’t stand banana flavor but love strawberry, maybe you are opposed to a particular option because of the manufacturer’s policies on animal testing – however, the most critical aspects of your therapy will be determined from your lifestyle, your test results, and the knowledge base of your physician.

We are adopting a similar approach at Kyra. We run a series of tests to characterize and analyze your hair, and then we work with you to create a personalized formulation that addresses your needs and preferences. That's why we refer to what we do as 'Prescribed Hair Care'.

How it works

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